The Youngblood Family

"Where do I begin?! Southern Therapy Services has been a godsend to this family. We could never express how grateful we are for all of your hard work and devotion to our children. The therapists are amazing with an incredible gift of connecting to all different types of children. Our daughter has loved her time with you. "Thank you for making her so happy and excited to come to speech. Our daughter is so confident in herself. You are stuck with us now! We love you so much."

A. Harris

  “ . . . The speech-language pathologist that treated my son is patient, kind and very encouraging to her patients. She did a wonderful job with my son’s speech, and she was always very supportive of him. My son’s speech is now very clear and he has much greater confidence in himself. As a parent, I would recommend a speech-language pathologist from Southern Therapy Services without any reservation. You will be glad if she is treating you or any member of your family!”

The Patterson Family

“My son has improved greatly since he started therapy with his speech pathologist from Southern Therapy Services almost 2 years ago.  His frustration level has decreased tremendously while his vocabulary and self esteem skyrocket.  He looks forward to his weekly meeting and skips out happy each week.  We are grateful for our SLP’s patience and flexibility.”

The Moore Family

“Thank you, everyone at Southern Therapy Services, for making this difficult time for our family after my mother’s stroke easier to bear . . . Our speech-language pathologist immediately provided my mother with a picture board which allowed her to point to the major things that she wanted to communicate to us. This one simple act made all of our lives better. Over time, working with the speech-language pathologist, Mom began to say more words. Now she is near to being her old self.”

Skylar's Mom

“My son was three years old. He would not eat anything but cheese and cheese puffs. He would gag and sometimes vomit almost every time that he ate . . . . so I read a little and found out that a speech-language pathologist could help with this type of problem. I called Southern Therapy Services . . . Our speech-language pathologist knew how to encourage my son to eat. He had incredible knowledge and exhibited patience that was unbelievable. On his graduation day, my son ate a hamburger and fries without any problem. Now my son is gaining weight and is willing to try new foods. I can’t say “thank you” enough.”

The Horowitz Family

"Thank you for all that you have done for my son. We see such an improvement and are so pleased with his progress. You really have a gift with the pre-school age. Our son is always eager to come and see you."